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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 24, 2017 12:00pm-12:34pm AST

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we think ok we'll send our you waste to china but we have to remember that air pollution problems around the globe death by design at this time on al-jazeera we headed to jerusalem bureau covered israeli palestinian affairs we cover the story with a lot of intimate knowledge we covered it with that we don't dip in and out of the story we have a presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and global the policy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happen and what happens here matters. our assessment right now is it is an isis affiliated group the u.s.
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says i solicit responsible for the deaths of four american servicemen and four soldiers from the jack. w. watching al-jazeera live from doha also coming up kurdish peshmerga forces say they're stopping iraqi troops from advancing on more disputed territory. china enshrines president xi jinping has political philosophy into the constitution. i'm andrew thomas with tourists in the rural chinese village where team a paying spent his formative years all explaining why this place mats is president as it is policies congress hate his grip on power. the top u.s. general says he believes a group linked to eisele is behind the ambush that killed eight soldiers in need he
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warned that i still is trying to establish a physical presence there as it loses ground in iraq and syria meanwhile the widow of one of the fallen soldiers has made a t.v. appearance she accused president donald trump of being insensitive in a condolence phone call his gabriel and his own them. the united states' top military officer said the families of soldiers killed in the share deserve answers for american and for nigerian soldiers were killed during a brazen ambush on what was supposed to be a routine reconnaissance patrol few details are known but dunford said all signs are pointing to one group and it is an isis affiliated group and i think what you bring up is what we're dealing with in many places is isis and al qaida isis in this case they try to leverage local insurgencies. and connect those local insurgencies globally this is the challenge that we're dealing with and so our
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initial assessment is these are local tribal fighters that are associated with isis the incident took place in a remote area of new shares border with mali the region that also includes neighboring countries of chad mauritania and burkina faso is facing an ongoing challenge against armed groups to help with the fight the u.s. has around at thousands of troops in the up from one hundred in two thousand and thirteen they share intelligence and help train local forces the incident in e.j. or has caused political ramifications as well the widow of sergeant lead david johnson said president donald trump was insensitive when he called to offer condolences to president. gore but he hers anyway. and now is what made me cry because i was very angry at the tone of his voice and how he thought. my husband
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a something the president disputes i had a very respectful conversation with the widow of sergeant like david johnson and spoke his name from the beginning without hesitation trump tweeted the pentagon has also come under increased criticism from prominent lawmakers. in the death of the u.s. soldiers and overall transparency of u.s. operations in africa this is an endless war without band ballenger is no limitation on time of geography you got to tell us more the u.s. has about six thousand soldiers stationed across africa the killing of the troops in niger has prompted the pentagon to begin a review of how it conducts its missions across the entire continent gabriels on go . to your. let me know if i see much in kurdish peshmerga and iraqi government forces near a key oil pipeline in the north the areas just suffice couple war in iraq supported
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with syria and turkey commanders say they stopped government troops advancing towards the south of the time stephanie has more now from the kurdish capital bill . this is a significant area it is along the border with syria the fighting took place around america mahmoudiya it is tense this is an area around forty kilometers south of the fish border crossing the border crossing with iraq and syria lies of a strategic location because it's very close to also turkey so you have turkey iraq and syria another important element to that area is the oil pipelines that run through there particularly the akercocke sand the oil pipeline that runs to turkey so this is something i think is significant to watch right now what you have is the kurds wanting to saying that they agreed on a deal to go back to positions they held before two thousand and fourteen that is of course when the fight against isis started what's interesting is that the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson said the same thing just two days ago that this
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was all about taking positions that were held by both sides just before the fight against isis started with iraq you seem to want is to return to territory held all the way back to nineteen ninety one when the blue line was imposed this is a no fly zone having to do with the gulf war pretty. the kurds are being attacked by saddam hussein it is complicated but it's about who controls what territory and now that your forces have sort of stopped fighting i saw that kannan common enemy is gone they're now starting to turn their guns on each other and of course trying to get crucial and significant territory the chinese president's name and ideology have been added to the constitution cementing his status as one of the most powerful leaders in decades but was made on the final day of the communist party conference she thought in the footsteps of former leaders to him and on shopping she's described his concept is central to making china
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a great socialist country by twenty fifty and to thomas from beijing. after their weeklong congress these are the members of the communist party poor thing out of the great hall of the people behind me getting on the buses in tiananmen square to go back and spread the message over to china what is that message that's come out of this congress well first and foremost that president xi is an absolute control of his party not only is his name going to be in shrine into the communist party's constitution that was confirmed on tuesday his court will be part of the constitution he's also stamped his authority on the personnel in the party there was a seventy percent turnover in the membership of the central committee of the communist party the four hundred members of that the overwhelming majority of the new appointees officially elected but appointees they are she supporters on wednesday will find out the membership of the all important political and the seven member standing committee that politburo again we can expect to see she supporters
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dominating that so the next five years will be absolutely his he is new era as he calls it the specifics well this congress was very light on what that is but this will be she's era so an important time perhaps to take stock of where she has come from particularly the religious right but he says turns in the man he is today. when she's paying waved in liang jai ho in the early one nine hundred seventy s. it was a rural village where people lived in caves and in poverty now people ride in on electric shuttle buses most villagers have left their home turned into an open air tribute museum honoring the man who's now president. some very young tell a sanitized version of the she story what he learned here what he did here and how loved he was visitors see the bed in which the flea infested she is said to have
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slept they hear how he built dams and dug wells most groups are brought here by communist party workers and photographed in front of she's wise words. cheating thing was born the son of a senior communist party member in beijing but in one thousand nine hundred nine his father fell out of favor the family was banished by chairman mao during the cultural revolution at fifteen she was sent to remotely angle her he spent seven years farming in fertile land living and working alongside some of the poorest people in china they were his formative years she became a leader of the local branch of the communist party he'd go on to more senior roles all over china until becoming president five years ago she never forgot her returning for a visit to years ago the village has become an important part of who he is the president with the common touch here i am happy and excited this is where uncle she
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started his long march all his hard work began here the official she story one of hard work honesty innovation and empathy means the president sounds authentic when he demands those qualities of party members and of the chinese at large this is essential thing park extension of the sheeting paying brand what these people have come to see for themselves is the setting for a story that hundreds of millions of chinese people are reading about daily in state media and learning about in schools at the entrance to the enjoy her workers are expanding the car park and building a grant ticket whole two and a half thousand people already visit every day but a lot more expected for many years to come after thomas al-jazeera liang jaya her central china. campaigning from top in kenya ahead of thursday's election rerun it's the second vote this year after the supreme court and no president to hold
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a kenyatta's victory in august and the opposition leader raila odinga says he won't take part nor recognize the result catherine sawyer reports from nairobi. kenya is on sale or at least on a stage at a theater in the capital nairobi this is a rehearsal of a satirical play showcasing the country's political uncertainty over the repeats presidential election and what's at stake. this year. the most sought after values peace democracy are respected regional economy things the director says are being put a triscuit going to double down too because of the lessons. comes out of him. now and has to be affected by. out in the real world many people are equally concerned about what's going to happen after the election most kenyans even those in the rural areas are very much aware and engaged in the
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politics of the day many say they've lost confidence in the ability of the electoral commission free and fair election but when you ask people whether or not they're going to vote the opinion is largely divided along partisan lines in kisumu in the west of the country almost everyone is fiercely loyal to opposition leader. they say they will not vote for governor visits the family of a seventeen year old boy sage who have been shot by police he says he'll pass a million sure no election happens in his region when you have a government. which is important it's really on the people real the people among. the people have a right to rebel. who are supporters. keen to vote but there's concern about their mettle commission itself the commissioner has resigned the c.e.o.
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has taken a leave of absence and the chairman says the commission is under siege from outside influences and he cannot guarantee a credible election in the current polarized environment unfortunately what we have now is essentially a dialogue of the deaf sides are talking at each other rather than with each other the most ideal situation would be for a party especially the electoral commission to go back to the supreme court and seek a binding authority advisory many people including the biggest groups civil society politicians and even the electoral commission have asked for dialogue between president to king arthur and dr dean but the guy says the election must be postponed and reforms carried out kenya time sists it must go one. al-jazeera nairobi still to come here on al-jazeera. on wednesday in bangkok where thais are preparing to say a final farewell to their late king and we find out why an increasing number of
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people are being locked up during the sensitive time. and the screening of the oscar and the insult is cancelled out of palestinian film festival. hello there sunshine and showers as usual for the southeastern parts of asia but some of us seeing more than our fair share for look at the satellite picture we can see this bright white blob of cloud in the far eastern part of your screen that is all storm it's a tropical depression it's not expected to do too much in the way of damage but what it is doing is intensifying the rains over parts of the philippines so in the south here we're seeing some very heavy rains there is
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a likely to stick around as we head through the day on wednesday as well and they do extend across towards parts of vietnam save it now and for some of us in the southern parts of thailand we're likely to see some rather intent as elsewhere there will be far more in the way of dry weather in between our showers as we had down towards australia there's a bit of a cooler change coming for some of us mostly out of this system here it's shifting its way eastwards it is bringing a little bit of wet weather but it's the real temperature change that we're noticing so familiar with then in that cooler weather we're looking at a maximum of sixteen on wednesday and then even there's likely to be a few more shots as we head into thursday towards the west there's a chance of seeing want to more showers on thursday in perth as well as all weather system works its way towards us but new zealand is the north island with what most of the dry weather currently there's cooler weather on its way with the rain in the south island with. in a country beset by poverty and lack of infrastructure. sometimes we risk our lives
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in taking these roads let's gather saving lives is a dangerous job it's a vaccine so it's on a good twenty four hours there are patients waiting for these medicines who must be in pain lives earth risk of a recruit go one of the gang stops on because of the road at that can do it with what for them risking it all guinea at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back here without us here on live from doha your top stories this hour the u.s. military believes an isolating to group was behind an ambush that killed four american servicemen and four soldiers from the chair general joseph dunford is warning eisel
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this trying to establish a physical presence there as it loses ground in iraq and syria there's been more fighting between kurdish peshmerga and iraqi government forces near a key oil pipeline in the north of the areas just for fresh cup or close to the iraqi border with syria and turkey. and the chinese president's name and ideology have been added to the nation's constitution on the final day of the communist party conference it makes paying one of the country's most powerful leaders in decades. now the u.s. is considering sanctions against me in ma for its treatment of the range of muslims the state department says it may use a human rights law to target leaders or groups involved in the violence in rakhine state more than six hundred thousand were injured have fled to bangladesh to escape a military crackdown the me and army denies accusations of ethnic cleansing. the united nations is warning sri lanka to speed up the investigation into war crimes
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committed during its thirty year conflict special rapporteur pablo to career has been visiting the country on his latest fact finding mission and victims say they are fed up with talking they want justice and elfin and as now from colombo. another visit another statement pablo digraph has been in sri lanka for two weeks he's been reviewing what the country has and hasn't done to promote justice and human rights the all to me to. what we call. indecision in options. in congress save. the envoy says the transitional justice process has been represented as a threat to the majority singhalese community and of interest to one of the minorities only the tamils but for families of victims the need for answers is key rather as underage watched uniformed military personnel take
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a husband eight years ago in the market when the cook and a motorbike blocked our vehicle in traffic and a white van pulled alongside they held a pistol to the driver's head and said steven get out and bundled him into their vehicle and there's been no trace of him since and life has been hard bringing up three children alone now it's time to move house a time when she misses her husband even more but assurances to bring truth and justice mean little after years of searching. high profile people keep coming here but this isn't benefiting us they're just talking about their views they're not actually doing anything. for frustration is a code in the north where people surrounded the president when he visited last week they demanded the release of what they see as political prisoners and concrete action on ensuring justice after the wall by to polish citizen and told protesters
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he is willing to discuss their concerns. but comments from him and leading government figures that war heroes would never be tried drew the raptors attention i note with concern in their use of frederick about war heroes never being brought to trial and. this seems to me to muse ruby saying to the target of transitional justice how come to believe him issues by suggesting that it is a generally anti security agenda and also by forgetting that no one who has committed the violations of human rights or the loss of war deserves to be called a hero digraph added that such a promise could not be legally enforced the special rapporteur that have the five visits to any country is unusual and said it was a reflection of sri lanka's engagement with the international community but he said it was high time that the country converted words into action when
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a fernandez al-jazeera colombo. two women accused of killing the half brother of north korea's leader have been taken banks away died as part of their trial and other suspects were escorted to the scene to reenact what at happened kim jong un was exposed to a toxic nerve agent at kuala lumpur international airport in february the women say they were tricked into getting involved they could face the death penalty if convicted. the king of thailand will be cremated on thursday after his death millions of people are mourning be revered monarch who ruled for seventy years but others who criticize the royal family well they're still in prison when he now from bangkok. king not a so one the great is one of thailand's most revered monarchs like many great movies have been made about him this one is in six parts the climax is his victory on elephant back over an invading bernese prince even though it happened more than four hundred years ago king not a so one is a key actor in
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a modern day criminal case. for daring to question the historical events a well known government critic and historian is charged with insulting them on a key or less majesté and faces a fifteen year prison sentence if convicted. so andy. card. he was shot by there is. eleven combat nationalism andrew elysium have increased since a military coup in two thousand and fourteen that many believe was staged to ensure a smooth rule transition from father to son. during this sensitive time there's been a sharp increase in the number of majesté cases and the circumstances have become more extreme. the list may just be a law is supposedly designed to protect the royal family from criticism or
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definition but it's clearly being used by those in power for other purposes like stifling dissent and the law is supposed to only cover royals who are alive not those who died centuries ago or even a year ago since april pro which makes a weekly trip to prison to visit his brother who's a human rights lawyer he's been charged with ten counts of insulting the monarchy for comments he made online he could be sentenced to one hundred fifty years in jail why did he feel so strongly about human rights he represented people who were taken advantage of for free most of his clients are poor he didn't earn much for his career at all. increasing numbers of opposition leaders and critics have no choice but to stay overseas academic pay when panhead is thai passport revoked for refusing a summons from the military would never become democratic country we depressives in
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other words if you want to move ahead to become a normal democratic society the law has to have to be abolished. this is a period of profound change for thailand as it prepares for the funeral of the king who reigned for seventy years the military leadership say some sort of democracy will return next year but there's no indication that will mean freedom of speech when it comes to the monarchy wayne hay al jazeera bangkok catalyze defense ministry has officially opened an office in washington d.c. the move comes at a tense time after cattles neighbors cut ties with the gulf state in june the karzai government hopes to up its game in washington to counter the influence of other countries in the region jordan was there. kataria officials say that the opening of their new defense attache office here in washington is a sign of their country's deepening military commitment with the united states members of the pentagon the academic community and the defense industry joint
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diplomats and military leaders at the official opening on monday the purpose of the facility is provide more space an opportunity for us. to discuss military strategy not just in the middle east but to work on policy and economic concerns as well this is the for the qatari military moving from our latest signed. between the united states d.o.d. and the m. o. d. in qatar for the f. fifteen q eight and the apache helicopters the already in use javelin shoulder fired missiles and the hopefully receive a soon to be received patriot missile system which has already been signed for and all the supporting systems in radars as investing in here in the united states for its industry is quite vital for our military growth and for the industry here in the u.s. now it's not as if the us haven't had
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a long standing military relationship the u.s. is largest military presence in the middle east is that arab. but it does come at a critical moment the u.s. has been caught in the middle of qatar's dispute with some of its neighbors in the g.c.c. and with egypt sometimes saying that perhaps qatar should be the subject of a blockade but as we're seeing right now with the u.s. secretary of state. there's also an effort to try to mediate the dispute if not to end it right he's opening shows that no matter what happens with qatar and its neighbors it's still counting on washington for a critical national security relationship the palestinian territory of gaza now has a second mobile telephone network. in twenty new company. with israel but there are still three g. technology has been and smith explains from gaza. in the palestinian territories
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just like anywhere else in the world you will find people staring in their mobile phones but here it's because they're usually waiting for something to happen because in guards around the occupied west bank they only have access to slow two g. technology it's taken eleven years of negotiations with the israelis the palestinians to be allowed access to three g. technology and that equipment has only just started arriving in the west bank it hasn't been allowed here into garza so while in garza the arrival of a new mobile phone operator is welcome if you're being called charges down or people really want is access to high speed internet on their mobile phones and in the gap in the market that's been left the israeli companies have slipped in with their three and four g. technology because while they're not licensed to operate in the occupied palestinian territories of course their signals drift across on the world bank estimates that those israeli companies have taken a twenty percent market share from the palestinian companies at
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a cost to the palestinian economy of hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue. the lebanese film in contention for the oscars is attracting attention but some say it's for the wrong reasons now last month the director of the insults was detained and questioned in lebanon because he shot a previous film in israel has led to his latest work being banned at a palestinian festival carrefour said now from ramallah. it's the last night of the palestinian days of cinema first of all the biggest mean arrives to a big reception palestinian actor. stars in what was to have been the first of all closing film the lebanese or so you contend the insult but the auditorium is empty the screen a blank space the showing has been banned by the local government then left to learn under the occupation we resisted all bans we've managed to bypass them or we've been to prison to say what we want to say we always do that the war will stop us the insulters certain lebannon charting the. of
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a mine an argument between two men of different arab communities into a courtroom battle that excites a nation but its content isn't the problem the controversy surrounds it's french lebanese director ziad do airy and his decision to shoot his previous film in israel the attack told the story of a palestinian surgeon discovering that his wife has carried out a suicide bombing the b.d.'s movement which campaigns for boycotting divesting from and sanctioning israel says do areas continue defensive israeli shoot means none of his work should feature at a palestinian film festival if a hollywood filmmaker would come to film in tel aviv we would oppose it very strongly so imagine a lebanese filmmaker crossing red lines crossing our picket line and coming to film in tel aviv this certainly and french on p.b.s. guidelines and undermined our nonviolent struggle for palestinian rights online opposition to the film has been mounting in recent days including implicit threats denounced by b.d.s.
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targeting the festival. municipal government decided to ban the screening on grounds of preventing civil unrest we don't believe the festival audience instance because it has the right to see it as ice and the site is like the film school there but definitely we disappointed that we do this to the question that the rules of etiquette and the law was there and while the insult has already won international awards and high critical acclaim its director is feeling the heat last month he was detained in lebanon and questioned about his twenty twelve film the attack just as his latest work the insult was about to open there now that film to a large extent about the palestinian experience in lebanon has been denied a place here at the most important festival of palestinian film are a force that ramallah. this is al jazeera these are your top stories the u.s.
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military believes and i sold and grew. was behind an ambush that killed four american servicemen and four soldiers from these air general joseph dunford is warning i still is trying to establish a physical presence there as it loses ground in iraq and syria. has been more fighting between kurdish peshmerga and iraqi government forces near a key oil pipeline in the north the time to face cup war isn't iraq's borders with syria and turkey peshmerga commanders say they stopped government troops advancing towards the south of the town steph deca has the latest now from erbil. that got to do with repositioning territory now that the fight against i.c.l. is pretty much over in terms of that territory it's now who controls what what the kurds want and the interesting thing is this is what terrorism actually said two days ago that this is about going back to locations held before two thousand and fourteen before the push against isis because the kurds got a lot of territory because of how they fought islip these areas what the iraqis
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seem to want is to go to back to something called the blue line this it was implemented in one thousand nine hundred one by the you went to protect the kurds from saddam hussein very different territorial demarcation the chinese president's name and ideology have been added to the nation's constitution on the final day of the communist party conference it makes sieging paying one of the country's most powerful leaders in decades the u.s. is considering sanctions against me and for its treatment of the range of muslims the u.s. state department says it may use a human rights law to talk at the leaders or groups involved in the violence in the northern state of recalling more than six hundred thousand injured have fled to bangladesh to escape a military crackdown the army and meehan mas denied all accusations of ethnic cleansing. austria's chancellor elect is to hold coalition talks with the far right freedom party sebastian curtseys conservative people's party won thirty one point five percent of the vote in last week's elections well short of the majority needed
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to govern only two parties the freedom party and the social democrats have enough seats to give curt's a majority he campaigned for a tougher immigration policy and cutting down on state spending thirty one years old he is now the world's youngest leader those are your headlines so far up next it's risking it all. it was an audacious bid to capture a city in the southern philippines and turn it into a province of myself. with the smoky room is the new battlefront one on one east investigates at this time on al-jazeera.


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